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Q’aja Couture

Q’aja is best known as the tailor who reinvented Darren Clarke’s total look on and off the golf course. He is amongst many sportsman and entertainers who have turned to ‘Tony Q’ over recent years.

Additionally Q’aja provides a unique blend of business and occasional wear for both celebrities and other mere mortals!

The business has developed a growing reputation for providing golfers with trousers that move in all the right places and yet the suits and casual trousers give the style king that little extra yardage at the 19th hole!

Meanwhile for those who may only enjoy the occasional corporate day as their rare pilgrimage to the golf course, we have built the business around simply styled business suits for busy full-time workers and no doubt suffering golfers! This service is most commonly used by senior management figures in leading professions through to busy Premiership players and managers.

Q’aja trousers and belts are used by many of the worlds leading golfers. They have all benefited from our simple belief in style following function. While they look so sharp on the first tee, the key element is that the trouser continues to move in all the right places without leaving them with an ill-fitting loose distraction.

Tony Q has become such an important feature of the PGA European Tour that he is invited to join the players in their locker rooms and provide that last-minute finishing touch that they may need.

Why not freshen up your ‘tour’ wardrobe?

Q’aja Couture Collection is available at TrendyGolf and TrendyGolfUSA