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Puma Golf

PUMA launched its new Golf collection in 2004. PUMA Golf offers performance footwear, apparel and accessories and select lifestyle pieces for men and women that enhance game and style. The PUMA Golf Collection worn by the likes of Rickie Fowler and Johan Edfors can now be purchased at Puma Golf is a fusion of Lifestyle and Fashion.

Golf: It isn’t what it used to be. And at Puma, they think that’s a good thing for golf. Because what golf used to be was rigid, conservative, and stuffy. What it used to be was shrouded in rules, regulations, membership fees, and dress codes. What it used to be was so exclusive and restricted that it was nearly impossible for the world to see that behind those private country club walls, golf has always been a game. And like all great games, golf just wants everyone to play. Golf wants everyone to have fun. And so do Puma. Yes, golf isn’t what it used to be. The rules have bent, the dress codes have relaxed, and today, golf is enjoyed on 32,000 courses, in 119 countries by over 57 million people worldwide, 51 million of whom will never break 100. But they play the game anyway. Because the game is fun. And fun has a very open membership policy.

Look better, Feel better, Play better!

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