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J Lindeberg

Since its foundation in 1996 by creative director Johan Lindeberg, J.Lindeberg has successfully combined fashion and sportswear. The company’s high-end mens fashion collection and premium golf apparel is sold worldwide in more than 25 countries including US, UK, Scandinavia and Japan.

Apart from the J.Lindeberg flagship stores that can be found in New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Tokyo and Hong Kong, retailers carrying J.Lindeberg include leading independent boutiques upscale department stores and some of the worlds most exclusive golf course Pro shops.

The J.Lindeberg headquarters are based in Stockholm, Sweden and since 2007 its principal owner is investment firm Proventus together with CEO Stefan Engstrom.

Style DNA

Elegant Bohemian

J.Lindeberg Personality

Elegant but not traditional
Bohemian but not carefree
Arty but not snobbish
Intellectual but not academic
Youthful but not young
Progressive but not futuristic
Timeless but not conventional
Individual but not elitist
Active but not competitive

The Past

In the mid-1990s, Lindeberg left his post at Diesel, the denim-orientated label, and set up on his own under an abbreviation of his own name, J.Lindeberg. Setting out on his own ‘private war’ – what he calls ‘a relentless drive to modernise golf’. His self-appointed first task was to dress Jesper Parnevik, his countryman and a player who, at the time, was making an ultimately career-transforming shift from the European Tour to its more lucrative American equivalent. He had seen Parnevik contending for the Open Championship at Turnberry in 1994 and had noticed that, despite not having a bit of spare flesh on him, he looked ‘like a sack of potatoes’.

The Future

J.Lindeberg Future Sports Wear is the next generation sportswear, a combination of preppy street wear and lifestyle sports wear. J.Lindeberg is creating a 21st Century Movement, inspiring people to take new modern steps and express their identities in a confident and unique way. Future Sports is to clothing what Apple is to computers – pushing innovation and product development with a new inspiring look. Using modern and technical materials for a progressively modern attitude, J.Lindeberg Future Sports Wear will be the dominating sports wear brand for the 21st Century.

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