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Hugo Boss

The strengths initially generated by the substantial and sustained success of the BOSS brand first introduced as a classical mens business wear line in the 1970’s have been extended to a range of other fashion segments.

Today the BOSS image is transported by four independent and distinctively positioned lines targeting various needs.

The menswear collections are focused in BOSS Black on elegant business wear, with BOSS Orange providing up-to-date casual wear and the BOSS Green collection offering performance sportswear. Those who demand exceptional materials, craftsmanship and exclusivity will appreciate the luxurious tailored fashions of BOSS Selection.

At the same time, the womenswear segment has been expanding both systematically and successfully. The refined looks of BOSS Black and the hip, creative fashions of BOSS Orange are now available for women as well.

The HUGO brand, launched in 1993, adds unconventional accents and uniquely different styles. The line has included womenswear since the end of the 1990s.

In the fashion Market Hugo Boss is represented by its brands Boss and Hugo and their lines. Taken together the collections define a brand world with a richly diverse scope that caters to various target groups. Here is where the individual collections and their distinctive fashion statements come alive share the inspiration!

Boss Green presents golf and sportswear for men that pairs classic with refreshing designs in brand new constellations.

The line successfully bridges the gap between fashionable sports apparel and sportswear fashions.

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