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Fred Perry

Fred Perry is more than a clothing label; it is the story of one of England’s greatest athletes of the last century. Fred Perry was one of England’s finest tennis players, winner of 8 Grand Slams and 3 Wimbledon titles in his career, more than any other professional tennis player. He is ranked one of the 6 best Table Tennis Players of all time. From a simple upbringing, Perry did not take up tennis until the age of 18.

Perry is also the visionary founder of the iconic sports fashion brand, FRED PERRY. Currently designed by Raf Simons, Fred Perry is a modern interpretation of the Classic Fred Perry aesthetic that dates back to the 1940’s and 50’s. He stumbled upon a life as a fashion icon, debuting the polo shirt and creating a brand that keeps this style as the anchor of every collection. Fred Perry keeps things fun by the continuous evolution of the classic golf polo. With a European fit, great colors and accents, and top of the line cotton fabrics, this iconic shirt has a definite place on the golf course.

Fred Perry brings sportswear to a new level, with preppy classics for sport and leisure. The 30-leaf Fred Perry Laurel, based on the old Wimbledon symbol, has always been stitched onto the left chest of every Fred Perry Polo. Although each collection incorporate fine knitwear, shorts and pants, outerwear and wovens, the polo remains as the core of the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. Sportswear is defined by clothing that can be worn for sport and for leisure. Fred Perry Sportswear is the perfect complement to the busy golfer’s life, as he can find plenty of occasions to wear this style both on and off the course.

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